Amazing FPV Footage Shot by a Hot Wheels Car Racing Around of a Giant Backyard Boosted Mega Track

Backyard Racing built an incredible boosted Mega Track for a camera-equipped Hot Wheels car using a great deal of DIY items that they found around the garage. This included extra wood, ladders, inflatable pools, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic container tubs, cardboard boxes, and pool noodles. The track, which took four months to complete, reached over 2,000 feet from roof to fence and included several underwater tricks. Once completed, the Hot Wheels car captured amazing FPV footage racing around the track.

3 months of modifications/troubleshooting and 1 month of construction later and here we are! Over 30 boosters launch the car down 2,000ft of track across land, sky, and underwater making this one of the largest Hot Wheels tracks ever built!

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