Amazing Footage of an Icelandic Air Boeing 767 Landing and Taking Off on an Icy Runway in Antarctica

Pilot Snorri Bjarnvin Jónsson edited together amazing footage of an Iceland Air Boeing 767 jumbo jet making an incredibly smooth landing onto a snowy ice shelf runway at the Troll Norwegian Research Station in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. The flight was there to pick up Norwegian scientists at the research station and bring them home.

B767-300ER landing at Troll airfield in Antarctica in January 2022. Icelandic pilots and crew operated this flight and landed on the icy runway with scientists.

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Iceland Air also posted a video of this same voyage.

We usually fly closer to home, near the Arctic Circle, but this flight was even cooler: On Friday, February 26, an Icelandair Boeing 767 (TF-ISN), landed at Troll airfield (QAT) at the Troll research station operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.

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