Affectionate Capybaras Line Up for a Good Scratching Session With Their Caretaker at a Nagasaki Petting Zoo

The very affectionate capybaras who live at the Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan adorably lined up for a good round of yummy scratches from their caretaker. The zoo was closed to the public for quite a while due to the pandemic, so these friendly little sweethearts were happy to grab whatever attention they could get whenever they could get it.

No visitor come to scratch capybara because our zoo is closed temporarily at the moment due to prevent spread of coronavirus. Capybara came to be scratched one after another in this video. They must be waiting for you to come.

This footage was captured in May 2020. The zoo has since opened for residents of the Nagasaki prefecture, with safety measures put in place.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we are temporarily closed from April 10, but due to the lifting of the state of emergency in the prefecture and taking into account the situation of infection with the new coronavirus in Nagasaki, we decided to reopen our Zoo on May 23. However, for the time being, only residents of Nagasaki Prefecture will be able to enter the park at the request of the administrative authorities.

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