Adorable Footage of a Mama Red Fox Romping Around an Ontario Backyard With Her Babies

The residents of Backyard Ontario Wildlife captured absolutely adorable footage of a mama red fox romping around the tall grass with her two baby kits.

The property, which features a large pond, is home to many visiting woodland creatures and this particular fox family really seems to enjoy the property a great deal.

It seems that the fox who comes to our pond sometimes has a den nearby! The whole family seems happy and healthy, and we hope they stick around. We could use the help controlling the mouse population!

Another resident who lives further south in Massachusetts also had a family of foxes playing around in their yard. This family, however, was much larger and more chaotic.

We have had fox families in our field before, but this is the biggest we’ve seen. Poor Momma Fox has 7 babies she is keeping track of. We spend much of our evening watching this playful bunch

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