Adam Savage Reveals the Creepiest Prop Ever Used on ‘MythBusters’ While Announcing Charity Prop Auction

Former MythBusters co-host Adam Savage shared what he believed to be the creepiest prop that they ever used on the program. As it turns out, it was an incredibly odd but somehow realistic “Robocat” that was created by the late and greatly missed Grant Imahara.

While Robocat creeped out some of the MythBusters hosts — including, clearly, Adam Savage — there’s no denying that one of the most iconic moments of the series was Grant Imahara’s “It’s alive … IT’S ALIVE!” shout of glee. Well, and it is truly a Grant Imahara masterpiece.

Robocat and other Mythbusters props are up for auction with proceeds benefitting The Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation. The online auction, which is being hosted by Tested and Prop Store, begins on August 20th and ends on September 1, 2021. Those interested can preview the gallery ahead of time.

In association with the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation and Tested, Prop Store presents The MythBusters Charity Online Auction, an exclusive auction of over 80 props, blueprints, art and behind-the-scenes production material from ‘MythBusters/ and ‘MythBusters: The Search!’

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