Adam Savage and Effects Artist Fon Davis Tour the Late Grant Imahara’s Untouched Workshop in Los Angeles

Adam Savage of Tested traveled down to Los Angeles to take a tour of the late Grant Imahara‘s shop with Grant’s shop mate and mutual friend, effects artist Fon Davis. The two men remembered Grant fondly as they discussed Grant’s work habits, his collections, and his ideas as they walked around the shop. The shop had not been touched since Grant’s death in July of 2020. It was a difficult thing to do, but Savage was doing it on the behest of Grant’s mother Carolyn.

Friend and colleague Fon Davis gives Adam Savage a tour of Grant Imahara’s shop, untouched since his passing in July 2020. Tested is honored to chronicle this very special makerspace, at the behest of Grant’s mother Carolyn, before its contents are donated, sold or relocated.

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