A Tour Inside of Seth Rogan’s Houseplant Cannabis Home Goods Headquarters in Los Angeles

Actor and entrepreneur Seth Rogen welcomed the Architectural Digest series Open Door to the beautiful 1918 Los Angeles bungalow that is the headquarters Houseplant, the cannabis home goods company he owns with screenwriter Evan Goldberg. Rogen explained the thought process behind using a residence for the business as they toured through the tastefully appointed home.

 I’ll be honest, we did not set out to base Houseplant out of a house, which…was something you would assume we would’ve wanted from the get-go. …we needed somewhere to base our operations out of, kind of like a workspace for people to come hang out. We talk about our products a lot, a lot of our products are home goods, so we found to be able to like, see them in a home-type setting was invaluable.

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