A Touching Stop Motion Animated Short About the Future of Sustainable Farming

“A Future Begins” is a touching stop motion animated short by talented filmmaker Johnny Kelly for the Mexican fast food restaurant chain Chipotle. This animation is a follow-up to Kelly’s 2011 short “Back to the Start” and continues the story of the next generation taking on the responsibilities of sustainable farming.

A Future Begins” – a new short film about the challenges facing the next generation of farmers in the U.S., featuring a version of Coldplay’s 2005 classic, “Fix You,” reimagined by Kacey Musgraves

The soundtrack features singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves covering the Coldplay song “Fix You”.

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Here’s how the film was made.

Here’s the 2011 “Back to the Start” video featuring the legendary Willie Nelson singing “The Scientist”.

Chipoltle joined up with Carhartt to further promote its message of sustainable farming.

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