A Touching Short Film About Items That Have Been Lost and Found on the New York City Subway System

“Last Stop For Lost Property” is a short film by Peruvian filmmaker Vincente Cueto that takes a touching look at items that were lost New York City subway and found at a later time. The film is narrated by Sonny Drayton, a man who knows the ins and outs of lost items, some of which are collected at the Lost and Found office at Penn Station in midtown Manhattan.

An intimate look at the New York City subway and the thousands of items and people that get lost in its tunnels.

Drayton is a reliable witness who wants to ensure that everyone who comes to the office in search of their item is happy with the results. While it appears that Drayton is an employee, he’s actually homeless. He just wants to help, and in doing so be seen as just as valuable as the lost items.

People go to the Lost and Found to find objects that have value to them, so if I sit outside there, maybe you realize that I have value too.

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After the film was made, Drayton shared some good news of his own.

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