A Sullen Shadow Seeks to Rid Itself of Its Evil-Doing Wearer in a Moody Film Noir ‘In the Shadow’

French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu, who makes cinematic mashups using clever wordplay, created “In the Shadow”, a film noir tale about a sullen shadow who becomes both witness and accomplice to the evil deeds of his flesh and bone “wearer” and its need to rid itself of the shame. The moody short film was made using over sixty clips from classic movies.

This short film is a prequel to a full feature movie script called “Dans l’ombre”, written by Fabrice Mathieu. ….This prequel is a research and editing work based on footage from more than sixty movies showing the most beautiful shadows in cinema history, from “Nosferatu” to “Sin City”. The story is narrated from the shadow’s point of view.

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