A Speed Comparison of Real and Fictional Aircraft

Red Side created a stunning 3D animation comparing the speed of civilian, military, and fictional aircraft from all over the world. Like previous comparisons, the creator notes the aircraft’s name, its maker, and the speed at which it is going.

The slowest craft of the comparison is the Santos-Dumont aircraft from 1906, which moved at 40km (~25mph). The fastest is the SR-72 Darkstar from the film Top Gun: Maverick, which flew at a crazy Mach 10. The creator also included two new sections, “Flyby” and “1-30 Mach POV”. This comparison was personal to the creator.

This …was special for me because I am a fan of aircraft itself. The video consists of 3 episodes where I compare the fastest known aircraft, starting from the first man-made aircraft to the fastest one and beyond!”

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