A Remarkable Timelapse of a Pumpkin Growing From Seed to a 1,321 Pound Giant

Gerjan Puttenstein of Giant Pumpkins in The Netherlands captured remarkable timelapse footage of an Atlantic Giant varietal pumpkin that grew from seed to over 1,300 pounds (600 kilograms) over the course of just a few months.

The plant grew half a metre a day and the pumpkin grew with 17 kg a day, this pumpkin turned into a monster.

Putterstein, who is one of the only Dutch growers of giant pumpkins, stated that he became interested in growing these enormous gourds after studying Plant Sciences at Wageningen University & Research and wants to teach others about this type of horticulture.

After seeing the Atlantic Giant on the package of one of the pumpkin seeds I wanted to try this too. …From that moment on the pumpkins had to get bigger, because they had certainly not yet reached the size of the photo on the seed packet. …Then I found out that the cultivation of giant pumpkins in the Netherlands was not very well known and that there were only a few people in the Netherlands who knew how best to grow a giant pumpkin.

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