A Mountain of Upcycled Mannequins for Hire or Resale

Tom Scott visited with Roz Edwards of Mannnakin, a company that has a giant mountain of used mannequins that are upcycled for sale or hire in Lincolnshire, England.

Mannequins are generally bought, used once for a project, and then thrown away to landfill. Except here, at Mannakin in Lincolnshire. Thanks to Roz and the team at Mannakin:

Edwards stated that quite often mannequins are used and then thrown away after a single use or project. The models are made of fiberglass, which is neither ecologically friendly nor recyclable. They, instead just become part of the ever-growing problem of landfills in the end.

I’ve made this my mission over the last twelve years as the materials they are made of cannot be recycled and they do not decompose. We are known for renovation of existing stock and the sustainable and ethical ‘disposal’ of mannequins. Over the years I have kept over 20,000 out of landfill and out of the incinerator.

Every so often Edwards offers a “Heist” day during which buyers can come and buy as much as they can gather from the mountain and carry off within 15 minutes. There are rules to follow, however.

A 15 min appointment equals about 1 metre square volume to body parts, thats a builders bag full or about 5 full bodied mannequins. …No climbing on the mountain, you must take bits in easy reach. …Pick bits easily and carefully, you must not cause an avalanche….We often get asked about hands. You are welcome to hands but there is a limit of 5 pairs per customer along with other parts. Under no circumstances whatsoever will you be able to fill your car boot with hands. Please don’t ask.

The entirety of the mountain can be seen from way up high

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