A Loving Funeral Procession of Ice Cream Trucks Playing Their Jingles Pay Tribute to Fellow Vendor

The grieving brother of businessman Hassan Dervish arranged for a loving procession of ice cream trucks to pay tribute to their fellow ice cream vendor of 40 years. Dervish had come to the UK from Cyprus and made a definitive name for himself in the ice cream business.

Rest in eternal peace my BROTHER. KING OF THE ICE CREAM..

According to Sky News, the 62 year old man had passed away unexpectedly and Savas Turkel could think of no better way to honor his beloved brother.

He was very popular among customers and other ice cream men, if it wasn’t for the pandemic I think lots more ice cream men would have been part of the procession. He was a well-loved family man, a good father, and he was loved by everybody he met.

Louisa Davies, who witnessed the procession, said it was incredibly touching.

via Boing Boing

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