A Humorously Honest Animation About ADHD Diagnosis

Andy the Ice Cream Sandwich Guy shared his experience of being diagnosed with ADHD in an amusing yet honest animation that explained his symptoms, his suspicions, and the confirmation of the condition.

Wait, so it turns out your boy has ADHD. Who would have guessed. I got officially diagnosed about a year ago now the process for getting diagnosed was odd I didn’t really know what to expect from getting diagnosed but I didn’t expect it to include wires that’s for sure

The wires refer to the EEG part of the assessment, which confirmed his diagnosis.

The assessment included a bunch of questions but the first part of it included this new test which I think was called an EEG. They strap a bunch of wires to your head and measure your brain waves the instructions were to stay still and do not move for 30 minutes.  Stay…Still…30…minutes… You already know the results.

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