A Hoodie With a Pouch for Cats to Snuggle Inside While Their Human is Working or Gaming

Japanese game accessory company Bauh├╝tte has come up with a comfy hoodie with a snuggly front pocket that lets humans keep their cat close at hand while working, gaming, or just relaxing. The Nyangaroo Gamer Hoodie combines the Japanese word for cat (nyan) with the English word for kangaroo – hence “nyangaroo”.

(translated) Nyangaroo Parker® fulfills the wishes of cat-owning gamers. Equipped with a large pocket for cats, it is possible to stay together for a long time. Cats who love small and warm places and humans who can enjoy the cute appearance while playing games with both free hands can be satisfied with each other.

The hood also sports cat ears, paw designs on the sleeves, and features a pouch that folds out to accommodate a house cat of any size. The hoodie is made of a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and comes in either gray or black.

via Technabob

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