A Hidden Underground Railway Line in London That Was Dedicated to Mail Delivery

Fascinated by the history of a hidden underground mail line in London, The Tim Traveller and friend Ammy decided to take a tour on the Mail Rail, the very same subway line that once transported mailbags rather than passengers. This subway line, which led to the Mount Pleasant sorting Centre, opened in 1927.

The train sat 80 feet below the streets of London and ran in a great big loop between Paddington and Whitechapel stations. This railway method sped allowed the Royal Mail to carry as many as 30,000 mailbags per day, as there was no traffic with which to contend. It closed in 2003 due to the changing environment and financial concerns. The Postal Museum has since taken its place.

For 76 years, a private underground line ran under the streets of London, completely separate from the Tube. And most Londoners have never seen or even heard of it – because you could only ride it if you were a mailbag.

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