A Helpful Tutorial Explaining the Basics of Jellyfish

Aquarist Makenzie Bubel of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California offered a very helpful tutorial about her favorite animal the jellyfish. Bubel notes that jellyfish are not actually fish but a species that are closer to coral. She also explains the proper nomenclature of these marine animals, their physiology, the role they play in the underwater ecosystem, and why they sometimes wash up on shore.

Jellyfish that you see on the beach have come from the ocean, but sometimes because of their passive drifting lifestyle, they can’t fight a strong wind or a big surfing wave, so they end up on the beach, which is okay. And if you see one on the beach, you should just leave it there because it’s about 95% water. It’s just gonna evaporate and contribute to the food chain on the beach.

Here’s a video of the jellies at Monterey Bay Aquarium set to meditative music.

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