A Greedy Seagull Gets What He Wants in the Amusing Animated Short ‘Dead Meat’

Vancouver Film School student Adnan Peer Mohamed created the amusing animated short “Dead Meat” that features a hungry seagull searching for food. When he finally comes upon an uneaten hot dog in the street, he is elated, however, another bird had gotten there first. After losing the battle of wills with the other bird, he follows her to see where she went. He finds her laying the hot dog at the foot of a nest containing three unhatched eggs. The seagull takes a tender look at the scene before greedily grabbing the hot dog from the family-to-be. He then runs right out into city traffic with his ill-gotten bounty.

The filmmaker stated that he wanted to make people laugh “in a weird way” with this amusing film.

For a long time I wanted to animate something that makes people giggle and feel joy in a weird way, because everybody gets silly sometimes and I feel like everybody has a place in their heart to have a laugh at something weird.

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