A Gluttonous Goat Eats His Way Around the World in Search of More Time

“The Goat That Ate Time” is a wonderful award-winning animated short from 2012 that was written, directed, animated, and produced by filmmaker Lucinda Schreiber about a gluttonous globetrotting goat named Henry who ate his way around the world in search of more time.

High on a hill and somewhat far away, there once lived a goat and he was very hungry. …Henry was well aware of time you see, and frankly that there was never enough of it in his mind to eat all the things he planned and hoped and dreamed of eating.

Once Henry got a taste of time through a wristwatch he ate, there wasn’t any stopping him. He searched the world high and low to get more and more time back.

Henry left his mother and brothers far behind he ate his way across the countryside. He ate pocket watches, pendulums, sundials, grandfather clocks, and biological clocks….He savored his first New York minute …and in London Henry came across the biggest clock he’d ever set eyes on. It was delicious Greenwich was delightful, Germany a little cuckoo, and Switzerland…oh Switzerland

via The Kid Should See This

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