A Fun Interactive DIY Music Box That Can Be Used to Create Note-by-Note Songs

Front-end developer Bryan Braun created a really fun, interactive DIY Music Box that creates songs in the same manner as vintage hand-cranked music boxes.

The user is presented with a blank sheet upon which they can write a note-by-note song. The music can be written in 15 notes (two octaves of the C Major scale), 20 notes (two and a half octaves of the C Major scale), or 30 notes (non-consecutive collection of notes). The tempo is fully adjustable as well.

The idea behind this clever site is to allow users to create their own music.

A “DIY music box” is a type of music box that allows you to create and play your own custom songs. The “DIY” stands for “do it yourself” because creating songs is a hands-on process.

Several people have recreated songs from music, television, films, and video games.

via Everlasting Blort

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