A Clever Bumblebee Transformer Costume

The Parents and Projects Channel showed how they made a very clever Bumblebee Transformer costume for their 5 year old boy that when folded up becomes a yellow race car. The costume is completely DIY, however, it does take a bit of time.

Not going to lie, this homemade Bumblebee Transformer costume was not easy to build. It took over 40 hours and lots of patience. It was well worth it though after seeing my 5 year olds face once it was ready to try on.

The costs are relatively low and the materials are pretty easy to find.

This DIY Transformer costume didn’t cost much at all. You could actually build it for under $50. …This homemade Transformer costume is basically cardboard and styrofoam. You will need a glue gun and some silicon to mend everything together. Then you just need some paint to make the homemade Bumblebee costume look really good.

They are also going to be offering a list of materials and helpful hints regarding what they’ve learned over the course of the project.

For this DIY cardboard costume I plan on developing a downloaded build plan with a material list so you don’t have to go to Home Depot 10 times like I did. I am going to make building this DIY costume easy for you.

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