A Catchy Symphony Made Up of Camera Shutter Clicks

MIOPS enlisted sound designer Kuntay Seferoglu to create a wonderfully rhythmic symphony made up of traditional camera shutter clicks. According to MIOP CTO Erkan Yigiter, this idea came about during a meeting where an employee compared their camera trigger to that of a maestro.

…one employee said that the company‚Äôs camera triggers are akin to a maestro since they can fire triggers with precision.

The symphony was not only made up of MIOPS cameras, Serferoglu also used products from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fuji that incorporated the MIOPS iPhone trigger app to create a catchy tune. Serferoglu said that he was excited to be a part of this project.

The idea of making music with the sounds of everyday life always excites me..The shutter sound of the cameras was one of the sounds that especially caught my attention.

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