A Bulked Up Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Shows Off a New Muscular Body for His Upcoming Film ‘Free Guy’

Actor Ryan Reynolds has accomplished a great many things, including starring in iconic Marvel movies, making gin, feuding with co-star Hugh Jackman, raising money, directing and starring in commercials, and selling companies. Despite all this, however, Reynolds has never really talked about the way he looked. Until now, that is. It appears that Reynolds bulked up enormously for his role in Free Guy and he hilariously described, with a straight face, how he got that way and how he plans to maintain it.

I’ve been at this for one week and I gotta tell ya – it’s coming in nicely. I start everyday with a protein bomb made exclusively of human muscle, completely organic and illegal. Acting is mind over matter…and judgement…and common sense. …Life is about growth. Hormones.

While Reynolds was talking about this brand new mortal coil, his pectoral muscles seemed to have a mind of their own.

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