A Brilliant Note-for-Note Cover of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Voodoo Child’ Performed on a Rare Whammy Clavinet

Australian musician Lachy Doley effortlessly performed an absolutely brilliant cover of the iconic Jimi Hendrix guitar song “Voodoo Child” on his rare Hohner D6 whammy clavinet. This instrument is an electric version of the classical instrument that was used in the Middle Ages. This one, however, sports a giant whammy bar within the console. With whammy in hand, Doley was able to recreate Hendrix’s performance note-for-note.

Jimi Hendrix tune VOODOO CHILD like you’ve never seen before. Performed on Lachy Doley’s extremely rare Whammy Clavinet. Absolute ROCKIN version

Here’s the same song played live at Studios 301 in Sydney.

Doley offered an inside look at his “Whammy Clav” in 2020.

An inside look at my whammy Clavinet and how it works. My Hohner D6 Clavinet fitted with the CastleBar Whammy system. What a Funk and Blues machine.

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