A Beautiful Soulful Cello Cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’

Musician Nicholas Yee performed an absolutely beautiful, soulful cover of the resurgent Kate Bush song “Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)” on cello. This song from 1985 has become popular again after it was featured in the fourth season of Stranger Things, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Yee.

Stranger Things has always made great use of 80s songs in its soundtrack, but I’d say this is probably the most impactful yet. And both the harmony and atmosphere of the song perfectly encapsulate the dark but also heartwarming tone that the show embraces at its most effective.

In 2016, Yee and two other friends performed a medley of Stranger Things music as a cello trio.

Medley of themes from “Stranger Things”, featuring my good friends Adam and Katherine! …Huge thanks to Adam Caulfield and Katherine Pernal for bringing their talents to this project (and playing all the hard parts)

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