A Beautiful Blind Orange Iguana Forms Enduring Bond With His Beloved Human

A blind super crimson morph iguana named Tamerlan has formed an enduring bond with his beloved human, filmmaker Alexey Kashpersky. Tamerlan was born without his sight due to albinism.

I am one of the most rare artificially created iguana morphs. hatched June 2018 and was born blind because of an albinism.

Kashpersky ensures that he takes care of all of Tamerlan’s needs and much more. The gorgeous orange iguana rather enjoys hanging out while his human plays guitar.

I’m just making sure all he needs for his healthiest lifestyle is here….. the first time I played guitar for him, instead of running away from the sound, he was getting closer. I believe that we had  such a connection from the very beginning …it’s an incredible feeling.

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