A 3D Animated Size Comparison of Dragons

Alvaro Gracia Montoya of MetaBallStudios (previously) compared the size of fictional dragons from film, television, books and video games to that of street-level cars and buildings, the Earth, the Earth’s moon, other planets in our solar system, the sun, and, in one case, further out into the galaxies. While this is an incredibly impressive list, Montoya stated that it is by no means comprehensive.

The video shows the size of some of the most well-known dragons in fiction. …Many dragons have been left out, it is crazy all that there are, I have tried to put as many as I could. I add a list at the end of the video with many others.

The smallest of the dragons is baby Azymondias (Zym) from the animated Netflix series The Dragon Prince and the largest dragon is Super Shenron from the classic anime series Dragon Ball.

Additionally, sizes are approximate and some are even indeterminate as size can change from scene to scene.

Dragons with indeterminate measurements, it is because their size changes in different scenes, it is impossible to measure them, but they are very striking dragons for their size, so I have decided to include it by giving them a size by eye, but without specifying the number.

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