A 3D Animated Comparison of Speed From the Slowest to the Fastest on Record

Alvaro Gracia Montoya of MetaBallStudios (previously) created a visual comparison of the speed of various forms of life, planets, and vehicles in a very informative 3D animation.

Included in this comparison are the speed by which a human fingernail grows, the speed of human walking, the speed of a domestic cat, the return speed of Apollo 10, and the speed by which the Milky Way moves throughout the universe.

Like many of his previous animations, Montoya started with the slowest speed moving up towards the fastest speed, each signifying its location by its distance from the earth.

From the slowest, to the faster possible, represented in a 3D animation. Note: The video shows the distance traveled in one minute at constant speed without taking into account acceleration, friction, etc. The speeds can have maximum or average values. In general they are approximate figures..

Montoya also delineated the fastest speeds ever run in a separate post.

SPEED Records for various types of vehicles.

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