1,000 Drones Create a Magnificent Light Show Over Black Rock City at Burning Man 2022

Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift and others created a magnificent light show for this year’s Burning Man made using 1,000 drones that flew over Black Rock City. The drones formed several fluid images during the show, including a three-dimensional face, a replica of a burning wooden man, and a tribute to the late Larry Harvey, one of Burning Man’s founders. This magnificent show also set a Burning Man record for the most drones used during the festival.

A new record for Burning Man. Thank you to Drift Studios and the 10 artists that produced this gift for the playa. You can see a grid of charging pads that the drones return to for recharging. This allows the show to go on for hours. The scale is immense, and visible from quite a distance. The physical movement limits of the drones lends itself to fluid motion and mesmerizing organic forms.

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